• Some Wisdom About Wisdom Teeth

    Once you reach a certain age in young adulthood, you will become surrounded by a lot of chatter about wisdom. It is at this age that most have their wisdom teeth removed. The following is some much-needed wisdom about wisdom teeth, from their positioning to the relative urgency of their removal. Some Facts about Your Wisdom Teeth The wisdom teeth are actually the last of your teeth to come in during adulthood.
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  • Holistic Dentistry: Unique Instruments, Unique Approach

    Holistic dentistry involves an entirely different method of practice than traditional dentistry. Specifically, holistic dentistry is concerned with improving the health of the entire body rather than that of the mouth exclusively. The reason for this is that holistic dentistry appreciates how the health of the body is incredibly interconnected. Therefore, if one part of the body becomes ill, the other parts to which it is connected will likely become ill as well.
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