What to Expect after Botox Injections

Posted on: 12 August 2015


More and more women (even some men) are beginning to turn to botox injections to help them look younger and more radiant. In fact,  since botox injections are relatively safe with very few side effects, even really young women in their 20s are beginning to receive the treatment. However, before you begin with the botox injection treatment, you will want to know exactly what you can expect to happen afterward. 

Moments after the Injections:

Moments after you have received the botox injections, you are probably going to feel some pinching of the skin that may or may not be slightly painful. This is why your doctor who is providing the botox injection treatment will provide you with some ointment or cream that should help with the discomfort that you are feeling. It is also going to feel like you don't have control over certain parts of your face, which can be frustrating, but this should subside quickly. You may even see small bits of blood or bruising, which is normal. You can use ice packs to help reduce any of the bruising. 

Days after the Injections:

After a few days, don't expect your skin to be completely shiny and smooth. There may still be some bruising and swelling that you are dealing with. You may not even notice the results of the botox injections quite yet, which is why many people call the doctor after just a few days exclaiming that the injections did not work. It's important to wait at least a couple weeks to see the results. 

​Weeks after the Injections:

A couple of weeks after the injections, you should begin to notice the true results. Your skin should be glowing, and all bruising and swelling should have subsided. Of course, if you still aren't seeing the results by this time, then it's best to call your doctor to schedule a follow-up appointment just to be sure that there is no cause for concern. It is extremely rare to experience anything other than great results in the end. 

As a tip, you may want to take a couple of days off from extreme activities, such as running or weight-lifting, to allow time for the bruising and swelling to heal properly and more quickly. By knowing what to expect, you can be sure that you don't end up unhappy with the results just because you don't see them right away.