Best Options For Tooth Replacement

Posted on: 17 July 2015


When you need to replace teeth for medical or cosmetic reasons, there are several options for treating a single tooth or a full mouth. Here are some of the most popular options for tooth replacement, along with the benefits of each. 

Single Tooth Replacement

Many people think of dental implants as being for an entire set of teeth, but a single tooth denture is one of the options that exist for replacing only a few teeth at a time. The single tooth replacement is a great idea when the root and the tooth are both damaged. In this case, the tooth is removed and a one-piece implant is put into the jawbone. 

Bridges or Partials

A bridge is the best solution for a patient who has many teeth that need to be replaced but does not want to have a set of full-mouth dentures. For instance, some patients may have had an accident that compromised several teeth in a row; a denture could be fitted to this area in order to fill the gaps. A bridge or partial works well with the rest of your teeth, and it is fitted to the shape of your specific mouth. Bridges and partials can either be removable or non-removable, depending on whether the screws in the base of the implant are accessible to the patient or hidden. 

Removable Denture Implants

Some denture wearers complain that the dentures are hard to keep in place. A denture implant can eliminate some of the problems associated with dentures that don't fit correctly. A removable denture implant is fitted into the mouth, and then the dentures rest on top of the implant. With a removable implant, you can simply remove the dentures by unscrewing them from the implant base. Removable dentures are a great option for those who want a denture implant but still want to be able to take out their dentures for cleaning. 

Non-Removable Denture Implants

Permanent implant dentures are one of the most comprehensive solutions for an ailing set of teeth. The dentist will place a set of full-mouth dentures that screws into a base implant. This is a great option for those who don't want to worry about misplacing dentures or forgetting them. 

There are several great varieties of tooth replacement options that can help dentists correct the spacing and functionality of your teeth. Speak with your dentist about the options that would benefit you most. For more information, contact a denture clinic in Calgary.