4 Tips To Keep Your Dentures Pearly White

Posted on: 8 May 2015


If you have dentures, you probably love the fact that you have been given a second chance at enjoying a beautiful, white smile. However, you should know that dentures can stain just as regular teeth do, so if you aren't careful, there is a good chance that your dentures can take on a yellow or greyish hue. To help keep your dentures looking white and fabulous, follow these simple tips for preventing staining.

1. Invest in Higher-Quality Dentures

First and foremost, you should purchase the best dentures that you can afford when you are buying. HIgher-quality dentures are made of higher-quality materials, such as thicker acrylic or even ceramic. This means that they can last a lot longer, can be more durable and can be less prone to staining. Let your denturist know about your concerns; then, he or she can help you choose a denture option that will be more likely to stay nice and white.

2. Be Careful About What You Drink

Red wine, iced tea, coffee and other dark-colored beverages might not be a big deal every once in a while, but regular consumption can cause unsightly stains on your dentures. Whenever possible, consider avoiding darker-colored drinks that can cause stains. If this isn't an option, or if you want to indulge every once in a while, try to use a straw so you can to minimize the contact that your dark-colored drinks have with your dentures.

3. Follow a Dedicated Cleaning Routine

Don't slack off on keeping your dentures clean. After eating, pop your dentures out so that you can rinse them thoroughly; if this isn't an option due to your location, at least rinse your mouth out with a little bit of water. Clean your dentures with a toothbrush and a denture cleaning solution or clean dish soap at least a couple of times per day, and soak your dentures in a cleaning solution when you sleep at night. By keeping up with routine cleaning, you can help prevent stains from ever having a chance to "set."

4. Avoid Tobacco Use

If at all possible, avoid smoking cigarettes or using chewing tobacco when you are wearing your dentures. If you must indulge, consider removing your dentures before smoking, or keep your cigarettes to a minimum. Rinsing your dentures off after indulging can also help prevent stains.

Your dentures can provide you with a gorgeous, realistic-looking pearly white smile, but stains can take away from their gorgeous appearance. Luckily, making a point to follow these four tips can help you prevent stains on your dentures and can make them look great for a long time to come.