Natural Ways To Keep Your Teeth Healthy Looking And White

Posted on: 1 January 2015


Follow the tips below to keep your teeth looking healthy and white. You will continue to look your best each day and may avoid complicated dental procedures in the future.

Make A Natural Tooth Polish

Strawberries contain Vitamin C, which assists with breaking down plaque, and Malic acid, which can help remove surface stains that are already present. Wash and blend a few strawberries. Add a pinch of salt. Wipe your teeth off with a paper towel so that their surface is dry.

Apply the mixture to the surface of your teeth and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Rinse and brush your teeth as you normally would. Do this every few weeks or whenever you notice that your teeth aren't as white as you would like them to be. The salt will act as a gentle abrasive, assisting with the removal of plaque and stains.

Follow Each Meal With Crunchy Fruits And Vegetables

Crunchy fruits and vegetables naturally scrub the surface of teeth and prevent foods and beverages from staining. If you do not have access to a toothbrush, try to follow up each meal with one of these foods. Raw cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, and apples are all effective in keeping your smile looking attractive. These foods also contain many vitamins and minerals, making them a healthy snack choice. Get into the habit of keeping these items on hand and pack a small bag of them when you are going to be away from your home for several hours.

Drink Green Tea

If you enjoy caffeinated drinks, switch from coffee or black tea and try out green tea. Green tea contains tannic acids which prevent bacteria. As a result, buildup on teeth is less likely to occur, resulting in less cavities or damage to gums. Green tea also contains antioxidants and has been linked with better breath. Drink tea liberally, but remember not to add sugar to it, as this substance could have a negative impact on your teeth.

If you are someone who enjoys how attractive your smile looks after your dental appointments are over, consider adding these tips to your regular routine. Be sure to brush and floss regularly, and avoid foods that are high in sugar. Following these tips and visiting your dentist on a regular basis will allow your smile to look its best. Your teeth will be likely to remain healthy and attractive throughout your lifetime.

Talk to a dental office like Eastgate Dental Center to learn about other natural ways to keep your teeth healthy and bright.