Holistic Dentistry: Unique Instruments, Unique Approach

Posted on: 18 September 2014


Holistic dentistry involves an entirely different method of practice than traditional dentistry. Specifically, holistic dentistry is concerned with improving the health of the entire body rather than that of the mouth exclusively. The reason for this is that holistic dentistry appreciates how the health of the body is incredibly interconnected. Therefore, if one part of the body becomes ill, the other parts to which it is connected will likely become ill as well.

How Procedures Will Vary

With this in view, your visit to a holistic dentist will not resemble those you have come to expect. First and foremost, your holistic dentist will go the extra mile to examine the state of the rest of your body. This may include a questionnaire and perhaps even a general kind of examination.

Reassessment of Previous Dental Work

You might find that much like a conventional dentist, your holistic dentist will want to assess how your previous dental work has held up over time. This may or may not include an electric reading of any fillings or crowns that you may already have.

In so doing, your dentist will acquire a better sense of the order in which he or she ought to work on your teeth. In addition, if you are going for more than a simple cleaning you may very well need an X-ray performed. But the type of X-rays that holistic dentists employ varies from those conventionally performed using a significantly lower form of radiation.

The Deal with Fillings

Holistic dentists deeply appreciate just how harmful conventional fillings can be. This is because conventional fillings are comprised of amalgam and mercury. These elements can, over time, seep out of your fillings and infect your mouth and your body more broadly. Once your holistic dentist has removed these fillings, he or she will replace them with their composite resin and porcelain counterparts.

Other unconventional practices that you may encounter with a holistic dentist are the promotion of both vitamins and supplements. By administering certain vitamins before your appointment, your dentist is trying to ensure that you are in prime health before working on you. Holistic dentistry also capitalizes on some of the newest technologies in dental practice. These technologies include laser therapy, which can effectively deal with gum damage and can even be used to clean teeth.

All in all, visiting a holistic dentist is a very different experience from visiting a conventional dentist. If you are concerned about your body as a holistic system, then holistic dentistry will work very well for you. For more information talk to businesses like West Family Dental.